Stationery and Accessories – Orange Class


We request that you send a bag for your child on a daily basis.

To remain in class:
• Wet Wipes (on a weekly basis)
• Bum cream (on a weekly basis)
• 20 Disposable nappies per week
• Sunblock
• A hat to remain at school

The bag must always contain the following items:
• 3 Sets of clean clothing
• 1 Non-spill cup
• Bottles and formula for the day
• A warm jacket
• A hairbrush
• Plastic bags for wet or soiled clothing (daily)
• A yoghurt/fruit purity for an afternoon snack


To remain in class:

The Cartridge Shop has kindly offered to have the necessary stock available for the Farmyard parents.
You are welcome to contact them - 011 954 0637.
If you need to have your whole package made ready for you, please place the order by phone before you go to the Cartridge shop.

• 1 Medium Pritt
• 1 Small Ponal glue
• 1 set of jumbo triangular crayons
• 1 Paintbrush of approximately 10 mm
• 1 Flip File (20 file sleeves)
• 1 Roll of gift wrapping paper
• 5 Large boxes of tissues
• An age-appropriate children’s book to donate to the reading corner in the class
• 5 large boxes of tissues
• 2 packets of wet wipes (72's)
• 10 Used plastic shopping bags
• A family photo
• 1 empty 2 litre white or cream coloured ice cream container (not a 5L)