January 2015

Dear Parents


We want to sincerely thank all our parents and learners for the thoughtful presents, cards and messages at the end of last year!!! You made us feel special and loved!!

We have received numerous referrals rom parents, which is greatly appreciated!

Please remember to book a place for your child at least 12 months in advance. We only take babies from the age of 6 months.


A warm welcome to all our parents and learners!

We trust that all our new parents and learners will soon feel at home and part of the Farmyard family. Remember, our office door is always open.

Last but not least, we welcome all our members of staff!! Every one of them gave their all during 2014, and worked very hard to get everything ready for 2015.


On Wednesday 14 January 2015 your child will receive his/her Farmyard t-shirt. We request that all Farmyard learners wear their t-shirts every Wednesday.

As we do not carry stock, each learner will only receive only one t-shirt for the year. Please wash the t-shirt in cold water and do not iron on the print.


We will be launching a new website early in 2015

Farmyard is on Facebook!! We often post new photos after exciting events.

Our Facebook name is: Little Farmyard


If there is an individual who will fetch your child from Farmyard on a regular basis, please complete the purple form provided. This form gives the said person permission to collect your child from Farmyard at any time. Therefore you will not have to inform the office on a daily basis regarding this.

However, a phone call from you will be necessary every tome you send a person whose name is not on the purple form.

Please hand in your purple form by 13 January 2015, even if you have not used it. We need the forms for our administrative system. Thank you.


You will receive your invoice and newsletter on the 20th of every month.

Fees are payable strictly in advance (on or before the 3rd of each month). Should any parent resign before the end of the month (or before the end of the year), no refunds will be made.

A penalty fee of 10% will be charged when fees are paid later than the said date.

On month's written notice (on the 1st of the month) is required for termination of enrolment and should this not be adhered to, the fill fee for the month will be charged.

A full fee must be paid whiole the learner is absent or on holiday!

The full monthly fee is payable from January to December. Those parents, who resign at the end of the school year (November), are still responsible for the full December fee.

The extra-mural activities and the June/July holiday programmes are excluded from the monthly fee.

School fees will be increased on 1 August 2015 by 10%. Extra-mural and registration fees will be increased annually every January.

We offer 10% discount on the monthly fee if more than one child per family is enrolled. (Discount is not applicable to extra-mural activities

Half-day enrolment is from 6:30 - 14:00. If you need to leave your child later, please arrange with the office, and your account will reflect an afternoon fee of R50 per child per afternoon.

We request that you verify your account details on a monthly basis.

Bank details
Little Farmyard
Standard Bank Krugersdorp
Account Number: 02 141 6 737
Branch Code: 015841
Reference: Child's name and surname


To enable you to plan for the rest of the year, you may expect the following additional costs during your child's school year at Farmyard in 2015.
~ June holiday fee - R50 per family for the 3-week holiday programme (not a daily fee).
~ 6 & 7 May - Photo day (More information in March newsletter)
~ 1 Aug - Annual increase in school fees.
~ 30 Sep - Annual registration fee for 2016, Gr R & RR ( Born in 2010 and 2011) = R1000, younger learners = R600

The annual registration fee covers the cost of the following:
~ Class workbooks, home workbooks (Gr R & RR);
~ Educational games, sandpit toys, paints and other items for art projects;
~ Face cloths, sheets and blankets;
~ Upkeep of the playground equipment;
~ Birthday present for every learner.


If a child is collected after 18:00, a R200 fine will be levied against your account, plus R100 per 5 minutes after 18:05.

Please be on time parents. We also have families and responsibilities at home.

Our services are not available before 6:30 in the mornings OR after 18:00 in the evenings.


All extra mural activities will start on 2 February 2015. and end on 26 November 2015. No extra-mural activities will be reflected on your December or January account. There will be no charge for the promotional lessons offered in January.

Please register for the activities of your choice in January. Registrations done in 2014 will not be applicable for this year. We request that you collect the appropriate forms for the activities that you want to register for. The forms will be available in the Farmyard office on the January 7th, 2015.

Please hand in all forms by 16 January 2015 at the latest.

You are welcome to register for extra-mural activities during the year as well.

There will be no extra-mural activities during the April, June - July and October holidays.

As always, we will follow a Farmyard Holiday programme during school holidays.

The extra-mural fees were calculated according to the following method: Basic monthly fee - discount for holidays = Rx X 10 months (Feb - Nov),

The extra-mural registration fees are payable annually and will be reflected in you February account. The monthly extra-mural fee is payable with your school fee amount at Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School. All items will be listed on your Farmyard invoice.


We implement the following learning programmes:
~ Whole Learner Approach
~ Move to Learn
~ Practica
~ Smile

At pre-primary school level, no child "fails" a class, or is "kept behind". Each learner is treated as an individual person with his/her own unique talents. Every child will be advanced to the next group/level according to the following criteria:
~ Emotional level of development;
~ Physical level of development;
~ General progress in reaching the specific outcomes for his/her age group;
~ Confidence in his/her abilities;
~ Independence;
~ Ability to cope with the learning activities on the next level;
~ Age (whether the child's birth date is during the first 6 months or the last 6 months of the year)

We expect more from the older group in each class, and they are stimulated on a higher level. The younger group received additional guidance.

To be able to assess and place every individual learner in the appropriate group according to their level of development, we cannot have rigid age groups in every class. Depending on all these different factors, your child will be placed in the group where he/she can develop to the best of his/her ability.

Keep in mind that your child will be in the same class for two years at some stage of his/her "Farmyard career", not because of being "kept behind", but because of the above-mentioned factors.

STAFF 2015

Purple Class
Teacher: Rietha
Assistant: Claire

Yellow Class
Teacher: Cindy
Assistant: Sandra

Blue Class
Teacher: Elieze
Assistant: Lebo
Assistant: Tebogo (Tuesday, Thursday)

Green Class
Teacher: Nanette
Assistant: Granny
Assistant: Ursula
Assistant: Tebogo (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Orange Class
Teacher: Jeanne
Assistant: Tina
Assistant: Maureen
Meal Assistant: Rose / Ruth

Support Staff
Cook: Spinny
Assistant Cook and Cleaner: Ruth / Rose
Gardner: Ernest



Little Farmyard will be open during all school holidays except the following:

~ We will be closed on all public holidays, and on 15 June and 25 September 2015;
~ We will close on Wednesday 9 December 2015 and open on Wednesday 6 January 2016;

As Farmyard only officially closes during December holiday, a holiday programme will be followed during the April, July and October school breaks.

Little Farmyard business hours: Monday to Friday 6:30 - 18:00


On 28 November 2014 you received your child's old container with the list of necessary items for 2015. We request that you go through the list and add whatever needs replenishing for January 2015. (Lists available in the Farmyard office.)

The Cartridge Shop has kindly offered to have the necessary stationery items available for the Farmyard parents. You are welcome to contact them at 011 954 0637. If you need to have your whole stationery package made ready for you, please place the order by phone before you go to the Cartridge shop.

Please hand in your child's package NO LATER THAN 16 January 2015.

The colouring books must be age appropriate and must not be an activity book.

Gr R & RR - 2015

The teachers continually assess each learner throughout the year and you will receive a progress report every terms

If we find that there is a problem with your child's progress, we will arrange an interview with you to discuss the concern and find a solution.

At the end of every term you will receive your child's portfolio with the following:
~ progress report;
~ workbook or workbooks (only Gr R & RR);
~ an assortment of the term's work.

You may keep the report, but the portfolio (with its contents) and workbooks MUST be returned to school the following week. The children need their portfolios and workbooks for their new work every term. However, at the end of the year, you may keep your child's workbooks and portfolio. (It is a good way to store their work for the year.)


~ Always leave a clean set of clothes in you child's bag. (Extra underwear for potty trainers) EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH A PERMANENT MARKER!!

~ Remember to send a clearly marked hat, which stays at school.

~ Don not send your child to school without a CLEARLY MARKED bag to put all his/her goodies in.

~ We have a "LOST AND FOUND" metal chest in the blue class, where we store all unmarked clothing. Please retrieve whatever belongs to your child.

~ Kindly do not allow learners to bring and food, toys, sweets, chewing gum, coins etc. to school.

~ Please do not allow your child to wear jewellery or "tattoos" to school.

~ Please do not send JELLO MOULDS, LOLLIPOPS, BALLOONS, ROUND AND HARD SWEETS or SHERBET to school in party packs. Children tend to choke very easily on the sweets/items.

~ Please DO NOT send lunch tins or snacks to school. We provide a full menu with warm meals and snacks and we only allow lunch tins in case of allergies.

~ Let the office know if you are going on holiday, or if you are going to keep your child at home because of illness.

~ Our staff members work in two shifts because of the 11 1/2 hour day. From 7:50 to 16:30 all members of staff are at the school, but before 7:50 and after 16:30 only one staff member for each class is on duty. If you wish to discuss any matter whatsoever, and the teacher isn't available, feel free to come and talk to Rika or Martie. We always aim for excellence and will gladly follow up any problems that you may encounter. Our office door is always open to our parents, children and staff and we want to know everything (positive or negative).

~ To ensure the safety of our children, never allow your child to use the gate code. They are not supposed to know what the code is in the first place. That you for your co-operation.

~ Notify the office if someone else is collecting your child. We do not allow strangers or other family members to collect any child from Farmyard without the parent's permission.

~ Please notify us immediately of any changes to your personal information, e.g. telephone numbers, medical aid etc.


The learners in the Yellow and Purple classes have a full programme to finish during 2015, and if they are not at school every day, they miss important learning activities. For the same reason we also request that you do not enrol your child for more than two extra-mural activities.

We request that you accompany your child to his/her class every morning and see to it that his/her bag is put away in the assigned pigeon hole. Then "deliver" Blue, Yellow and Purple class learners to the Purple class if it is earlier than 8:00. Orange and Green class learners go to their own classes from 6:30. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.


We find it very disruptive if parents still walk in and out of class rooms after 7:50, when our daily activities have already started. The teachers and assistants need to focus on the learners and cannot speak to parents after 7:50. The learners need the morning routine to get into the right frame of mind to concentrate during learning activities. Therefore we request that you do not disturb the sing-a-long session, Bible story time, or lessons in the mornings. The learners are easily distracted, and it takes time to settle them again.

Martie and Rika will gladly convey any messages you may have for your child's teacher.

As breakfast cannot be served later than 8:00, it is your responsibility to give your child his/her breakfast at home if you are going to be late.


To educate a child is an ongoing process and sometimes it is necessary to discipline a learner when his/her behaviour isunacceptable, for example: biting, swearing, hitting other childern etc.

We use one of the following methods depending on the situation:


-"Time-out" for 2-5 minutes (the child isn't allowed to take part in the activity they are busy with at the time, and must sit on the time-out chair inside the classroom, in full view of the teacher). A three-year old child will be on time-out for 3 minutes. Time-out is not applicable for learners younger than 2.

- No treats, e.g. the daily sweet/ice lolly.

When the situation is more serious, we will discuss the matter with you at the end of the school day.

The 5-star system

To motivate positive behaviour, we have a 5-star reward system in place in the Yellow and Purple classes. For good behavior and diligence during learning activities, a star will be rewarded to the children according to merit.

When the requirements above are not met, a star is forfeited.

When a child has 5 stars, he/she will be rewarded with an item from the treasure chest.


Parents, please keep your child at home if he/she:

~ has any contagious skin condition or ANY contagious illness;
~ has a fever or had a fever during the night;
~ has a heavy cold of flu;
~ has a runny tummy;
~ has an eye infection;
~ has a bad, constant cough;
~ has been vomiting;
~ has a sore throat;
~ has tonsillitis;
~ has head lice or nits

Please inspect your child's hair regularly, and if you find head lice or nits, DO NOT bring him/her to school until the situation is resolved. Your pharmacist will be able to give you the best advice.

We have to keep the well being of all our children in mind, and protect them against contracting an illness as far as possible.