Stationery and Accessories – Purple Class


We request that you send a bag for your child on a daily basis.

The bag must always contain the following items:
• 1 Set of clean clothes
• A warm jacket or jersey
• A hat to remain at school
• A plastic bag for wet or soiled clothing
• A hair brush


To remain in class:

The Cartridge Shop has kindly offered to have the necessary stock available for the Farmyard parents.
You are welcome to contact them - 011 954 0637.
If you need to have your whole package made ready for you, please place the order by phone before you go to the Cartridge shop.

• 1 Ponal glue
• 1 Large Pritt
• 1 HB pencil
• 1 blunt-nose pair of Staedtler scissors with rubberized handles for better grip (The learner must be able to fit 3 fingers into one side of the handle and a thumb into the other. There are left- and right-handed scissors available) PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS DOMINANT HAND APPROPRIATE!
• 2 Sets of retractable wax crayons (Must have purple and pink)
• 1 Set of colouring pencils
• 1 A4 age appropriate colouring book (NOT an activity book)
• 1 10 mm paintbrush
• 1 Ream A4 copy paper per family
• 1 Flip File (30 file sleeves)
• An age appropriate English children’s book to donate to the reading corner in class
• 1 Empty 2 litre ice cream container (NOT a 5l)
• 2 Large boxes of tissues
• A family photo

Each Gr. R learner will need the following items to remain at home for homework:
• 1 Small pritt
• 1 Box of retractable wax crayons
• 1 Sharp, blunt nose pair of scissors