21 January 2015


We hope that all our Farmyard learners feel at home already! We started with our normal school routine and academic programmes on
Monday 19 January 2015.

There are no more tears during the day! Saying goodbye may still be difficult for some of the younger learners, but that will soon be something of the past.

Every teacher and assistant at Farmyard is well trained and they are all special people who really love what they do!


We have launched our new website! Go to www.littlefarmyard.co.za for all general information, as well as the year programme and the monthly news letter. There will be a link for Facebook on the site.

Farmyard is on Facebook! We often post new photos after events at Farmyard. Teacher Nanette is the administrator of the Farmyard facebook page. Our Facebook name is: Little Farmyard

The monthly newsletter will be mailed to you from next month. Kindly collect this month’s letter from your child’s teacher.


Please be patient, as the small section from the circle to our paved road has nothing to do with the development adjacent to us. The plan is to have this section paved or tarred, depending on cost. We will keep you updated.


We have had the old jungle gym removed, and the new installation will take place in February.


We need second hand conveyor belts for a project on the playground. If you know of someone who can assist – please contact the office.


Each class has a fantasy corner and during foul weather the learners use this when playing inside. We have a huge variety of educational toys, but the fantasy corner is still a firm favourite. If you have any usable, second-hand toys that you want to get rid of, you are welcome to donate them to your class teacher. We will make sure that the toys are divided age appropriately.

Screening for hearing/eye assessments at Little Farmyard!!

Good hearing and vision are very important factors in your child’s ability to learn and to progress well at school.

Hearing screening:
A registered Speech Therapist and Audiologist, Loami Wepener will conduct a screening procedure on 24 and 25 February 2015. (Only for learners of 4 years and older)

The cost thereof will be R100 per child. If you would like your child to participate, please complete the necessary form and include the R100 in a clearly marked envelope. Please hand in the envelope at the Farmyard office.

Eye screening:
Dynamic Eyes will be conducting an eye screening on
17 and 18 March 2015 for children 5 years and older. You will receive the information letter pertaining to this on 20 February 2015.


Please go through the details of your invoice carefully, as we have added the extra-mural activity fees at your request. If there is a problem, contact the office.
Parents, kindly make the payment of your school fee a priority! All school fees must be paid in advance on or before the third of the month.
A penalty fee of 10% will be charged when fees are paid later than the said date.


The monthly extra-mural fee is payable with your school fee amount at Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School. (See your invoice)
Please do not pay the extra-mural activities directly to the instructors.

The Extra-mural registration fees are payable annually and will be reflected in your February account.
All extra-mural activities will start on 2 February 2015 and end on 26 November 2015. The classes are between 8:00 and 12:00 on weekday mornings, and are conducted on our premises.
You are welcome to register for extra-mural activities during the year as well. We gave you a January deadline to be able to have the February invoice ready in time.
There will be no extra-mural activities during the April, June-July, and October holidays. As always, we will follow the Farmyard holiday programme during the school holidays.

The extra-mural fees were calculated according to the following method:

Basic annual fee – discount for holidays = Rx / 10 months (Feb – Nov)

The ballet girls must already be dressed in their ballet clothes when they arrive at school, as the ballet lessons start at 8:15, from
3 February 2015. PLEASE MARK ALL CLOTHING AND SHOES CLEARLY! We will not take responsibility for unmarked clothing.

Extra-Mural Activities/Farmyard Edu-Activities - 2015

Monday – Little Lab coats 8:30 (Exciting, high quality, out-of-the-box science classes for learners 4-6) Monkey Nastix 9:30 (Development of general motor imitation skills, strength, agility and flexibility for learners 2-4)
Tuesday – Ballet 8:00 (Ballet classes includes the use of storytelling, props and acting for girls 3-6) Pottery 9:15 (Development of creative, educational and motor skills by using pottery and craft lessons as medium for learners 3-6)
Wednesday – Farmyard Music Junior Collage - For all learners 9:00(included in your monthly school fee)
Cre-Grow 10:30 (Explore the fundamentals of Maths early on in order to build a solid foundation for primary school. Learners 4-6)
Thursday - Farmyard Gross motor (Move to Learn) For all learners 9:00 (included in your monthly school fee)
Friday – Mini netbal 8:30 (Development of skills specifically related to Netball for girls 4-6) Rugby 8:45 (Development of skills specifically related to Rugby for boys 3-6)


The farmyard gate is there to keep strangers out and to keep our children inside. Please do not allow your child to use the gate code. We have to say no to our children from time to time, especially when concerning their health and safety. Kindly keep a close eye on your child in the parking area, and when driving, remember to make them wear safety belts.


Kindly remember to wash your child’s t-shirt in cold water and do not iron on the print. The learners wear their blue FY shirts on Wednesdays.


If possible, please administer your child’s vitamins at home.

Late collection of children:

If a child is collected after 18:00, a R200 fine will be charged PLUS R100 per 5 minutes from 18:05.
Please be on time parents and always have a “back-up” person available to fetch your child from school. Our services are not available before 6:30 in the mornings OR after 18:00 in the evenings.

MUSIC PROGRAMME (Included in your monthly school fee)

Teacher Rietha teaches the Junior Collage music appreciation programme. The lessons will be held on Wednesdays, starting from 4 February up to 11 November 2015. The green, blue, yellow and purple classes will attend the lessons.
The learners enjoy these sessions thoroughly!!! We follow a separate programme for the Orange class.

GROSS MOTOR PROGRAMME (Included in your monthly school fee)

The outdoor Gross Motor programme will be held on Thursdays, starting from 5 February up to 12 November 2015. This programme is meant for the green, blue, yellow and purple classes, and develops the following:
*hand-eye co-ordination
*foot-eye co-ordination
*perception, etc.
We use balls, hula hoops, bean bags, trampolines, swings and various other pieces of equipment to prepare different stations where the learners follow a certain route, by completing several specific tasks. We change the stations on a regular basis to challenge the learners. They are always very enthusiastic about the ‘Gladiator course’!

We follow a separate programme for the Orange class.


In every class, a Move to Learn programme is followed on a daily basis. This programme promotes left and right brain integration. We do specific physical activities with the learners to develop the following:
*ability to concentrate
*awareness of space
*midline crossing, etc.


*Do not allow your child to bring any toys, coins, sweets, jewellery
or snacks to school, other than those we have specifically arranged with
*Kindly remember to apply sun screen to your child’s face, neck, arms and
legs. Send a clearly marked hat to remain at school.
*Remember to leave a warm jacket in your child’s bag on a daily basis.
*Our school day starts at 7:50. Please be on time.