Newsletter June 2015


If you want to enrol a younger sibling OR refer a family member or a friend to Farmyard for 2016, please do so before 29 May 2015.


It is hard to believe, but planning for 2016 is underway! As you know, we work according to a ‘waiting list’ system. To be able to plan for January 2016, we need to know if any learner (except those born in 2009) will be leaving Little Farmyard at the end of the 2015 school year. Please notify the office as soon as possible.
To confirm your child’s enrolment at Little Farmyard for January, please return the green mini-enrolment form by 30 June 2015. This form will be handed to you by the teachers. Also use the form to notify us of any changes in personal details.


Kindly remember the following additional costs during your child’s school year at Farmyard 2015:
*June: Holiday fee – R50 per family for the 3-week holiday programme (not a daily fee)
*1 August: Increase in school fees (10%)
*30 September: Registration fee for January 2016 –
Gr.R and Gr.RR = R1000 (those learners born in 2010 and 2011)
Younger age groups = R600


It’s that time of year again! The time for runny noses, chesty children, fever, and rashes that leave you baffled! Unfortunately we have had, and will have days where the weather is too cold/wet for us to let the learners play outside. Therefore there will be more indoor activities and this is where germs are more likely to spread.
Medical experts have said that the average child’s immune system has not ‘learnt’ to recognise a variety of common viruses, and in turn they come home with nearly every ‘bug’ doing the rounds at school! Your child may contract 6-10 diseases, ranging from mild to severe in a year! This may be very frustrating but it does have a positive factor - your child’s immune system is getting ‘stronger and wiser’!

We have noticed that the percentage of children suffering from one affliction or another is quite high this season, and we need your help as caring parents to curb the spread of contagious diseases in our school.
Doctors have highly recommended that your child be allowed to stay at home if they show the following symptoms:

Fever (38 degrees or higher)
If your little one has a fever, the chances are very high that his/her body is fighting an infection. This infection is most likely contagious. So sending your children to school if
they have had a fever during the night, would be risking them getting sicker because school is not the ideal environment for a little body to fight an infection.

If your child has vomited twice within the last 24 hours it is advisable to keep them at home. Besides the risk of them having a contagious disease, they will probably feel drained and listless which will make their school day miserable.

Severe coughing or difficulty breathing
If your child has a cough that is very loose and they have difficulty breathing, it is also advised that they stay at home. Most children have not yet learnt to put their hands in front of their mouths when they cough and because of this, a virus or bacteria can spread very quickly in the school setting.

As with vomiting, this may be a sign of a contagious bacterium of sorts, and your child will need constant re-hydration and rest.

Open sores on/in mouth
Younger children love to ‘feel’ with their mouths. It is part of the discovery process that every child goes through. Farmyard has strict hygiene rules and we sterilize our toys, surfaces, toilets, basins, wash cloths etc. on a regular basis. This however does not guarantee that whatever caused the sore, if infectious, would be contained to the carrier.

Skin rash or red eyes from an undetermined cause
Itchy and scaly rashes may be contagious. If there are also symptoms like a sore throat, fever or ill appearance, a doctor must investigate the situation. Red, weeping eyes are very likely due to an infection of sorts, and spread like wild fire in a school environment. The infection causes huge discomfort for the child and needs to be treated.
Allowing your children to stay at home when they are ill, especially when the illness is undiagnosed, is the best way for your child to heal, and this in turn is beneficial to yourself and your child’s fellow classmates.



We had a very successful photo week and we can’t wait to see the packages. The photos will be delivered to Farmyard on the 29th of May 2015. Kindly remember that the entire order has been placed, and we will not accept any additional orders.
After you have received your packages, you are welcome to contact Ronel at Exclusive Studios (011 954 9075) directly to place any additional orders.


We kindly request that you do not send ANY food, snacks or sweets to school. Little Farmyard has a balanced menu where we provide more than enough food, drinks and snacks during the day. Children also have the option to ask for a second helping, if still hungry.
If your child has a food allergy, a packed lunch box may only be sent once prior arrangement has been made with Rika or Martie. If your child is at school as early as 6:30, we do allow a fruit or yoghurt, but nothing else.
The learners are very active during the afternoon free play time, and it is quite normal for your child to be hungry when you collect him/her late in the day, as it is nearly time for the evening meal.


The occupational therapist, Jeaneane van Helsdingen (B.Arb;UP) will be available to assess our Gr. R learners with regards to their Gr. 1 readiness during the months of May and June 2015. If we feel your child needs to be assessed, we will approach you with the necessary forms.
If you are interested in having your child assessed regardless, please collect a form from the Farmyard office. Return the completed form before 29 May 2015.
The cost of the assessment will be R520.

Graduation/Concert 2015 (only for Gr. RR and Gr. R)

This is a very special event which marks the end of the huge effort every
Gr. R and Gr. RR learner has put into preparing for the next level of education.
Please take into consideration that the ceremony is being held on a weekday morning, therefore you will have to make the relevant arrangements to be able to attend. There will be no entrance fee, and any parent from Farmyard is welcome to attend, even if your child is too young to take part.
There will be a Farmyard Concert and Graduation for the learners of the following age groups: Gr. RR (born in 2010) and Gr. R (born in 2009).
The planning for this year’s concert is already underway, and we are already busy with practice sessions. Information letters were already handed out to the parents involved. (There are additional copies with Rietha)
Date: Wednesday 28 October 2015
Time: We will start at 9:00 sharp and finish at 10:15
Venue: AFM Church Auditorium – Libertas street Noordheuwel


We request that you do not dress your girls in their ballet clothes during the winter months. They will do ballet in their normal everyday clothing.