Farmyard Newsletter July 2015

You will receive your child’s progress report on 26 June 2015. If there is anything you need to discuss with us, feel free to contact the office.
Keep the exact age of the learner in mind when studying the report.
A child of 2 years and 3 months still has 9 more months to reach the goals on his/her level, and will still have problems with certain developmental stages.
We will arrange an interview with you if your child has a specific problem in reaching his/her outcomes, and needs extra assistance.

We receive many referrals from the Farmyard parents, and as a result, many enrolments! Thank you so much Parents. The school is already full for January 2016.

Kindly remember to hand in your mini-enrolment form for January 2016 (The green form). This form must be handed in by the end of June.
Please hand in the form, even if you are leaving us by the end of the school year - state that fact on the form and make sure that all your contact details and medical aid information is still correct.

Kindly remember that the Farmyard school fee is payable for the full 12 months. Those parents, who resign at the end of the school year (November), are still responsible for the December school fee.

Kindly remember the following additional costs during your child’s school year at Farmyard 2015:
*June: Holiday fee – R50 per family for the 3-week holiday programme (not a daily fee)
*1 August: Increase in school fees (10%)
*30 September: Registration fee for January 2016 – #Gr.R and Gr.RR = R1000
(those learners born in 2010 and 2011) #Younger age groups = R600
*Concert fee for Gr.RR and Gr.R learners as stated in the May concert information letter.