Information Letter to new parents

January 2021

Dear Parents

A warm welcome to all the Little Farmyard parents and learners! We hope you are ready for 2021! Our hearts are filled with hope and faith that 2021 will bring an abundance of blessings to every Farmyard family, as well as our community and our nation.

We have an orientation programme that runs during the first 8 days of school, and this time is packed with fun and adventure. The year programme is included in this information letter and you will find the daily/weekly activities specified there.

The first day of school for 2021 will be on Wednesday 6 January. If you want to start later than 6 January, please let us know when your first day will be.

Kindly remember, your child is only enrolled at Little Farmyard once you have done the following:
*handed in or mailed the signed enrolment contract together with a copy of your child’s clinic card.
*paid the registration fee of R1600. (Use your child’s name and surname as reference with ALL payments)
*handed in or mailed the signed acknowledgement of the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (last page only).

Please note that the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures and protocols will be followed until further notice and that our school hours will remain 6:30-17:00 for the time being.

The ‘settling in’ period in a new environment tends to be stressful for most young learners as well as the parents. Therefore, we would like to assist by offering some advice to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Please be assured that your child will receive an abundance of love, reassurance, and hugs throughout the day from the Farmyard staff. We want Farmyard to feel like a second home to them and the welfare and happiness of each learner is extremely important to us.

It will help both your child and us immensely if you can do the following:

*For your Orange or Green class little one, as well as the younger Blue class learners - send their ‘comfort’ item to school if they have one, but only if necessary (dummy, teddy, blankly etc.) Please note that this is only temporary and once your child has settled, they will be encouraged to leave the item in their bag.

*Your own encouraging, positive, and relaxed attitude will go a long way in making your child feel secure when he/she is being dropped off. If your little one arrives in a happy and positive mood, it is already a win for the day.

* Embolden your child to be adventurous and to try out all the activities on offer in their new class.

* Show him/her that you trust the teacher and her assistants.

* Praise your child if he/she shows independence.

*Have conversations with him/her before school, e.g.: “You are going to play with your friends and have lots of fun at school. We will pick you up after nap time/playtime, and you can tell Mommy about your day!”

*Until your child feels comfortable in this new environment, please try to fetch him/her at the same time every day. As our school day is structured around a specific routine, the learners will adjust a lot faster if they know exactly what to expect from all of us.

*And MOST IMPORTANTLY, lovingly say goodbye and make this parting as short as possible. Assure your child that the teacher will look after him/her and that he/she is going to enjoy playing with new friends and toys.

Please remember to mark all items clearly.
Our door is always open. Please feel free to discuss anything with us. We, as the principals of Little Farmyard, as well as the teachers, have the training and experience necessary to give you sound advice.

Parents, please read this information letter, as well as all future monthly letters! These newsletters contain important information and deadlines.
Please inform us if your email address changes, or if you do not receive a newsletter via email by the 23rd of every month.
If you have not received your child’s invoice by the 23nd of every month, please contact the FY office.
Thank you.

Please visit our website for general information concerning school hours, fees, year programme, educational programmes, daily schedules per class, etc.
*Email: If you need to email us, please use the following email address:
We use a Gmail address to send information letters to you in bulk. Please note that the Gmail account is an unmonitored mailbox. Kindly make sure your emails from us do not land in your spam/trash section, as we send them out in bulk.
Farmyard Blog
Have you ever wondered why your child does or does not do certain things? Especially when you see other children doing or not doing those things… Well, Farmyard has a blog, and it is filled with well-researched, tried, and tested information. These compiled pieces will hopefully give you some clarity on how to deal with a few serious and sometimes funny situations that you may find yourself dealing with. You will find these blogs at Happy reading!
WhatsApp and broadcast groups
We love to allow you the opportunity to have a peek at all the fun your child gets up to during the year. To enable us to do so, and efficiently and easily, we have set up a WhatsApp group for every class.
The Farmyard office will be the administrator of a broadcast group for every class, as we send out general reminders and pertinent information in this manner.
We will send reminders and photos as often as reasonably possible, but please remember that we are teachers first and photographers second.
Kindly inform us if you do NOT want your child to appear in any WhatsApp group photos. Please refrain from posting photos on social media that may contain other children from Farmyard.
To ensure the success of the WhatsApp groups, we will be laying down very stringent ground rules that we need to insist that you follow.
Ground rules are as follows:
*Please do not post messages on the group that do not pertain to the group. If you have an enquiry, please WhatsApp your child’s teacher directly or make contact via the school number.
*Messages may only be posted during Farmyard business hours - 6:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. We do not want our dedicated and hardworking teachers, who work long hours, to feel as if they have no personal time. Please remember that each teacher has her own family and responsibilities after hours.
*Do not post any picture messages, meme’s, videos, jokes, or general remarks on the group.
*If your child’s teacher posts a notice or photo on the group, it is not necessary to reply in confirmation. If you do want to post a remark, do so directly to the teacher and not on the group.
*Please always remain considerate and diplomatic when communicating on the group. Consideration to one another’s religion and culture is of utmost importance to us.
If the above rules are not adhered to, then the benefits that these groups afford us will unfortunately not be worth the issues that will arise from non-compliance.
Informal report back about your child’s day:
If you wish to discuss any matter whatsoever, and the teacher is not available, feel free to talk to Rika, Martie or Cindy. We always aim for excellence and will gladly follow up with any problems that you may encounter. Our office door is always open to our parents, children, and staff.

The teacher or assistant will have a brief chat with you every afternoon regarding your child’s day. If there are any problems, these will be addressed immediately via the office, e.g. a sick child, incidents of a more serious nature, disciplinary problems, concerns with a child’s progress, etc.

We do not use the ‘message book’ system as a report back on your child’s day. We find that this system is ineffective and time-consuming, and the teacher would prefer to spend all her time teaching, playing, bonding with, assessing and caring for the learners in her class. A lot gets lost in translation when it comes to a hastily written message, so we prefer personal, face-to-face feedback.

On your first day at Farmyard, you will receive a purple form to complete and sign. On this form, you will list the names AND ID NUMBERS of any individuals who will fetch your child from Farmyard regularly. This person must then present his/her ID when fetching your child, especially at the beginning of the year or until the Farmyard staff members recognize the listed person by sight. Kindly complete and sign the form in the classroom and hand it back to the teacher, even if you do not have a name to add to the form.
This form gives the listed person/s permission to collect your child from Farmyard at any time. Therefore, you will not have to inform the office daily regarding this.
However, a phone call or WhatsApp from you will be necessary every time you send a person whose name is not on the purple form.
Permission for photos to be posted on social media
Little Farmyard is on Facebook! If you have not already sent us a friend request, please do so. This way you can keep up to date on all the action! There will be occasions where we will post photos that contain various children doing several fun-filled activities. To avoid any issues where there are privacy concerns, we ask that you sign the permission or denial section on the purple form stated above.
Please note that our Facebook page is visible to the public, as we have educational tips and blogs that we would like to share with a broader community than just our Facebook friends. We will not be tagging you in any of the photos but will do so if requested so that your Facebook friends and family can see your little one having fun at Farmyard!

All extra-mural activities start on 1 February 2021 and end 30 November 2021. No extra-mural activities will be reflected on your January account. There will be no charge for the promotional lessons offered in January.
***Registrations done during 2020 will not be applicable for 2021.

Please register for the activities of your choice in January. We request that you collect the appropriate forms for the activities that you want to register your child for. The forms will be available in the Farmyard office from 6th of January 2021. Please hand in all forms by 15th January 2021, at the latest, to enable us to have the February invoice ready on time.
You are welcome to register for extra-mural activities during the year as well.
There will be no extra-mural activities during the March/April, June/July, and September/October holidays.
As always, we will follow a Farmyard Holiday programme during school holidays, and you are welcome to bring your child every day.
The extra-mural fees were calculated according to the following method:
Basic monthly fee – discount for holidays = Rx X 10 months (Feb – Nov)
The Extra-mural registration fees are payable annually. The registration fee and the monthly extra mural fee is payable, with your school fee amount, to Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School. All items will be listed on your Farmyard invoice.
If your child is in Gr RR, kindly do not enrol him/her in more than 2 activities without speaking to his/her teacher, as we have a very full educational programme for them during the morning. It will not be to the learner’s detriment if they are not enrolled in any extra-mural activities. The different learning activities, which are included in the Farmyard fee, are of a high standard and excellent variety. This will enable every learner to develop to their full potential.

FEB-NOV 2021

Little Lab Coats
Leandra: 082-467-4900 R210 per month
(R240 reg.) MONDAY 10:45
Exciting, high quality, out-of-the-box science classes for learners 4-6

Arlene: 083-379-5680 R260 per month
(R220 reg.) MONDAY 9:30
Development of general motor imitation skills, strength, agility and flexibility for learners from 2 (ONLY FOR GREEN AND BLUE CLASSES)

Lee-Ann: 082-549-3557 R270 per month
(No reg.) TUESDAY 8:00
Ballet classes include the use of storytelling, props and acting for girls 3-6

Pottery Art & Crafts
Lillanie: 082-929-7585 R200 per month
(R130 reg.) TUESDAY 9:30
Development of creative, educational and motor skills by using pottery and craft lessons as a medium for learners 3-6

Dance Mouse
Chantelle: 082-834-1615 R 240 per month
(R180 reg.) WEDNESDAY 10:30
Enhances sensory, vestibular (balance) and gross motor skills, rhythm and self-confidence. Excellent for core muscle development for learners from 4.

Annerie: 082-335-8668 R330 per month
(R220 reg.) THURSDAY 9:00
Developing and stimulating baby’s senses, while developing physical, emotional, cognitive and language areas. The instructor works with each baby individually for 25 minutes per baby. For babies up to 18 months.

Soccercise Starz
Josh 071-334-0177 R180 per month
(R160 reg.) THURSDAY 10:30
Development of skills specifically related to Soccer for boys and girls 4-6

Mini Netball
Sandra: 083-271-1486 R 220 per month
(R130 reg.) FRIDAY 8:30
Development of skills specifically related to Netball for girls 4-6

Rugga Kids
Henri: 082-924-5903 R240 per month
(R120 reg.) FRIDAY 9:00
Development of skills specifically related to Rugby for boys and girls 3-6

Learning activities at Little Farmyard from 6 months to Gr RR.
The following developmental areas are covered through a variety of learning activities that involve body use and play:
• Well-being
• Identity and belonging
• Communication
• Exploring mathematics
• Creativity
• Knowledge and understanding of the world

Incorporated into these fields of development are:
• Language and literacy - Story reading, phonics, early developmental writing exercises.
• Perception – Proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body) and spatial awareness.
• Body awareness – The science of body functions.
• Mathematics – Basic arithmetic and measurement.
• Life Skills – EQ (Emotional intelligence), discipline, manners, healthy lifestyle, and social development.
• Arts and crafts – Methodology, fine motor skills, imagination, and freedom of expression.
• Development of short-term and long-term memory – Rhymes, poems, storytime, revision and memory games.
• Basic science, biology, and geography.

*The Farmyard workbooks have been compiled by our Academic Forum.

*We implement the ELDA curriculum, the Move to Learn programme (Barbara Pheloung), the learning activities from Practica, and the Farmyard Gross motor syllabus.

FARMYARD MUSIC PROGRAMME (Included in your monthly school fee)
Teacher Rietha facilitates the Junior Collage Music Appreciation Programme on Wednesdays - February to November. The Blue, Yellow, and Purple classes will attend the lessons. We follow a separate programme for the Green and Orange classes.
The learners enjoy these sessions thoroughly and while they are having fun with music, they will also obtain a basic knowledge of the different genres of music.
The children will be exposed to:
• The use of percussion instruments
• Movement and rhythm through action songs
• The science of sound
• Innovative ways of making instruments out of household items
• Auditory discrimination

GROSS MOTOR PROGRAMME (Included in your monthly school fee)
The learners participate in the outdoor Gross motor programme on Thursdays - February to November. This programme has been developed for the Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple classes, and develops the following:
• Hand-eye co-ordination
• Midline crossing
• Spatial awareness
• Visual-motor integration
• Foot-eye co-ordination
• Balance
• Muscle strength
• Perception, ability to plan and follow instructions, etc.
• Bilateral integration
We use balls, hula hoops, bean bags, trampolines, swings, and various other pieces of equipment to set up different stations where the learners follow a certain route, completing several specific tasks. We change the stations regularly to challenge the learners. They are always very enthusiastic about the ‘Gladiator course’!
We follow a separate programme for the Orange class.

MOVE TO LEARN PROGRAMME (Included in your monthly school fee)
In every class, a Move to Learn programme is followed daily. This programme promotes left and right brain integration. We do specific physical activities with the learners to develop the following:
*Ability to concentrate
*Spatial awareness
*Co-ordination, midline crossing etc.

‘TUCK SHOP TREAT’ ON MONDAYS (Included in your monthly school fee)
This treat is enjoyed on a Monday morning, after learning activities. The children either get to munch on a packet of crisps along with a sweet treat or ice-cream on a cone.

As part of school readiness, a Gr RR learner must be able to function independently when it comes to separating from parents in the mornings, eating, dressing, and undressing, daily chores, etc.
We promote independence and a sense of responsibility in our young learners by giving them the task of taking care of their clothing, toys, books and doing their chores themselves.
Emotional independence is also vital when your young child goes to primary school. If you promote independence from home as well, your child will become a balanced and self-confident young person.
*Allow them to clear up their own rooms and assist with chores in the house and the garden.
*Do not carry your child into school, let them walk, if possible.
*Let them carry their own bags and teach them to look after their stationery and workbooks.
*Allow them to make a mess when trying something new. It is through mess and mistakes that we all learn. Use positive reinforcement, even if their attempt is not successful. This is how they learn not to give up and develop the will to try again.

Your child’s teacher is continually assessing her class throughout the year, and you will receive a progress report every term.
If we find that there is a problem with your child’s progress, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the concern and find a solution.
At the end of every term you will receive your child’s portfolio with the following:
-progress report
-workbook (Gr. RR only)
-an assortment of the term’s projects

You may keep the report, but the portfolio (with its contents) and workbooks MUST be returned to school the following week. The children need their portfolios and workbooks for their new work every term. However, at the end of the year, you may keep your child’s workbook and portfolio.

Each child in our care has a unique temperament, personality, and background. Therefore, every teacher at little Farmyard makes it a priority to get to know and understand each child in her care as an individual.

Every situation that a child may encounter, and react to, must be managed according to circumstance and the context into which it falls.

We have found that positive reinforcement is an especially important educational tool to use.

We also use methods of prevention and distraction, especially with learners younger than 4.
Where there are more serious behavioural problems, we will discuss the issue with the parent at the end of
the school day to find a solution where the school and the parents can work together to resolve the concern.

In our older groups (Yellow and Purple classes), we use a 5-star system to motivate positive behaviour.
For good behaviour and diligence during learning activities, a star will be rewarded to the children according to merit.
When the requirements above are not met, a star can be forfeited. When a child has 5 stars, he/she will be rewarded with an item from the class treasure chest.
STATIONERY – January 2021
The Cartridge Shop has kindly offered to have the necessary stationery items available for the Farmyard parents.
You are welcome to contact them at 011 954 0637. If you need to have your complete stationery package made ready for you, please place the order by phone before you go to the Cartridge shop. If you misplaced your stationery list, ask for one at the Farmyard office. The Cartridge shop has its own Farmyard stationery list for every class.
Please hand in your child’s package NO LATER THAN 15 January 2021. The colouring books must be age-appropriate and must not be an activity book.

Purple class: Teacher Rietha and assistant Granny
Yellow class: Teacher Cindy and assistants Maureen and Lorraine (afternoons)
Blue class: Teacher Elieze and assistants Maggie and Lorraine (mornings)
Green class: Teacher Sandra and assistants Tina and Claire
Orange class: Teacher Malanie and assistants Ursula and Ruth
Kitchen: Spinny and Lebo Garden and security: Ernest

There will be times when banking or purchases for the school need to be done, or workshops and meetings may be attended by Martie or Rika.
All our teachers are very well trained, experienced, and trustworthy. They are more than capable of handling any problem or query you may have.
To ensure the smooth running of the school, when either Rika or Martie is unavailable, Teacher Cindy will be available as acting principal. If you ever need to discuss a matter with us, kindly let us know, and we will book a time for you and give you our undivided attention.

*Kindly apply sunscreen to your child’s face, neck, arms, and legs before you bring him/her to school. Never leave the sunscreen in your child’s bag. As we have a busy daily schedule to follow, the sunscreen cannot be applied at school. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.
Please administer Vitamins at home.
Medication will not be administered at school except where it is necessary for chronic conditions like asthma, etc. All medications must be handed in at the office please – never leave medication in your child’s bag. We will only administer medicine if you have given us written instructions. It is your responsibility to ensure that medication does not stay behind at school.
(The medicine administration forms are available in the office)

Our official school day starts at 8:00. Please be on time.
The teachers and assistants need to give the learners their full attention and unfortunately cannot speak to parents after 8:00. The learners need the morning routine to get into the right frame of mind to concentrate during learning activities.
Therefore, we request that you do not disrupt the praise and worship songs, Bible story time, or lessons in the mornings. These young learners are easily distracted, and it takes time to settle them again.
Martie or Rika will gladly convey any messages you may have for your child’s teacher.
As breakfast cannot be served later than 8:00, please remember to give your child his/her breakfast at home if you find that you are going to be late.

We request that you do not send ANY food, snacks, or sweets to school. Little Farmyard has a balanced menu where we provide more than enough food, drinks, and snacks during the day. Children also have the option to ask for a second helping, if still hungry.
If your child has a food allergy, a packed lunch box may only be sent once prior arrangement has been made with Rika, Martie or Cindy.
The learners are active during the afternoon free playtime, and it is quite normal for your child to be hungry when you collect him/her late in the day, as it is nearly time for the evening meal.
If your child is at school between 6:30-7:15 in the morning, we do allow a fruit or yoghurt, the Squish yoghurt/fruit puree, or the Purity yoghurt/fruit puree, but nothing else. Please do not send any other food type – no sweets, chips, muffins, biscuits, junk food, sandwiches, baked goods, etc. We have chosen fruit or yoghurt as an early morning snack as it is nutritionally beneficial and easy to eat. If some learners are allowed to eat what others are not, it creates feelings of unhappiness and favouritism.

8:00 Porridge & sprinkles Porridge & sprinkles Oats & sprinkles Porridge & sprinkles Porridge & sprinkles
10:00 Tea & biscuits Tuck shop Tea & biscuits Tea & biscuits Tea & biscuits Tea & Baking ‘n making
12:00 Spinny’s spaghetti Bolognese Chicken a la King, rice & veggies Farmyard stew, veggies & rice Chicken Mushroom & noodle dish Hotdogs & end of week treat
Refreshing drink Refreshing drink Pudding Refreshing drink Refreshingdrink Refreshing drink

15:00 Biscuits, fruit & refreshing drink daily

You will receive your invoice on the 20th of every month for the next month. Kindly check your invoice monthly, as the amount owed may change from month to month because of the following factors:
-enrolment for extra-mural activities
-concert/graduation fee (only Purple class)
-penalty fees for late collection of a child as stated on the enrolment contract
-penalty fees for late payment of school fees (10%)
-afternoon fees for half-day learners who go home after 14:30.
-re-registration for 2022.
Fees are payable strictly in advance (on or before the 3rd of each month).
A penalty fee of 10% will be charged when fees are paid later than the said date.
One month’s written notice (on the 1st of the month) is required for termination of enrolment and should this not be adhered to, the full fee for the month will be charged.
A full fee must be paid even if a learner is absent or on holiday.
The full monthly fee is payable from JANUARY TO DECEMBER.
Those parents, who plan to resign at the end of the school year (October for November), will still be responsible for the full December fee.
The extra-mural activities are excluded from the monthly fee.

School fees will be increased on 1 August 2021 by a possible 8-10%. Extra-mural and registration fees will be increased annually in January.

We offer a 5% discount on the monthly fee if more than one child per family is enrolled. (Discount is not applicable when it comes to extra-mural activities.)

Half-day enrolment is from 6:30 – 14:00. If you need to leave your child later, please arrange with the office, and your account will reflect an afternoon fee of R60 per child per afternoon.

We request that you verify the details on your invoice monthly.

Banking details – Little Farmyard: Standard Bank Krugersdorp account number: 02 141 6 737
Branch code 015841. State the child’s name and surname as reference.

To enable you to plan for the rest of the year, you may expect the following additional costs during your child’s school year at Farmyard for 2021.

*Concert/graduation fee only for the Purple class (Information letter in February).
* Photo day (Information letter - February).
*Annual increase in school fees – 1 August.
*30 September: Annual registration fee for Jan 2022.

The annual registration fee covers the cost of the following:
-workbooks, educational materials
-educational games and equipment, sandpit toys, sandpit sand, paints and other items for art projects
-sheets, blankets
-maintenance and/or replacement of the playground equipment

*Always leave a clean set of clothes and underwear in your child’s bag, as well as a plastic bag for soiled/wet clothing. EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED!!!

*We start with potty training once the little ones have settled in. It usually takes about 2 weeks for learners to feel comfortable in their new environment. Potty training will commence for learners from the age of 24 months.

* Remember to send a clearly marked hat, which stays at school. Do not send your child to school without a CLEARLY MARKED bag to put all his/her goodies in!
*Kindly do not allow learners to bring any food, toys, sweets, chewing gum, jewellery etc. to school.

*Please do not send CHEWING GUM, JELLO MOULDS, LOLLIPOPS, BALLOONS, ROUND AND HARD SWEETS OR SHERBET to school in party packs. These items are choking hazards.

*Let the office know if you are going on holiday, or if you are going to keep your child at home because of illness.

*To ensure the safety of our children, NEVER allow your child to use the gate code.

*Please notify us immediately with regards to changes in your personal information e.g. telephone numbers, medical aid etc.

Parents, please keep your child at home if he or she has -
*any contagious skin condition or ANY contagious illness
*a fever or had a fever during the night
*a heavy cold or the flu
*a runny tummy
*an eye infection
*a bad, constant cough
*been vomiting
*a sore throat
*head lice or nits
Please inspect your child’s hair regularly, and if you find head lice or nits, DO NOT bring him/her to school until
the situation is resolved. Your pharmacist will be able to give you the best advice. Head lice or nits are very
commonly found in pre-primary and primary schools, but it must be tended to at home, immediately upon
discovery, as it spreads very easily.
Please follow the Covid 19 protocols when your child or a family member has been in close contact with a confirmed Covid 19 infected individual. Please do not send your child to school if they present any of the Covid 19 symptoms listed by the World Health Organisation.
We must keep the wellbeing of all our children in mind and protect them against contracting an illness as far as possible.

Late collection of children:
If a child is collected after 17:00, an immediate fine of R400 will be charged, PLUS R100 per 5 minutes from 17:05.
Please be on time parents. Kindly ensure that you have a “back-up” adult to fetch your child in case of emergency or traffic issues.
We also have families and responsibilities at home. Our services are not available before 6:30 in the mornings OR after 17:00 in the evenings.
Little Farmyard will be open during all school holidays except the following:
*We will be closed on all public holidays and on 26 April 2021.
*We will close on Friday 3 December 2021 and open on Wednesday 5 January 2022.
As Farmyard only officially closes during the December holiday, a holiday programme will be followed during the April, July, and September/October school breaks.
Little Farmyard business hours 6:30 – 17:00.

Parking area:
Please note that the parking area is used at your own risk. Mind your step – this space is on uneven terrain. The owners and staff of Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School will not accept any responsibility or liability for any claim on loss or damage to property, or injury which may occur resulting from the use of the parking area. Do not allow your children, especially the older sibling to run around or play unattended in the parking area while you are attending to the younger sibling. Cars are moving in and out all the time, and this poses a danger to your child. Please do not leave an unsupervised child in your car. Drive slowly and carefully in the parking area as there may be young learners moving between parked vehicles.

Parents/Guardians/Family members are responsible for the children in their care until the moment the child is handed to a staff member in the mornings. When the child is collected from a Farmyard staff member in the afternoons, responsibility for the child is handed over to the parent/guardian/family member.
There are no staff members available to supervise outside after 16:00, as they are busy with the learners inside. Please do not allow your child to run off and play outside unattended while you are talking to a teacher or another parent. The same applies for early in the morning. We cannot allow unattended children on the playground, as an accident can easily happen. For that reason, we do not allow Orange, Green and Blue class learners on the senior playground. The equipment is meant for older learners.
The owners or staff of Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School will not be held responsible for the actions of an unsupervised child on the playground or inside the building while the child is in the parent’s care.

Little Farmyard Year programme 2021
Date Event Details
6 Jan 2021 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL-Welcome back!!! – Orientation week/Fun at Farmyard. Jumping castle up to 14 January. Information letter, purple forms and extra-mural forms available
7 Jan Jumping castle fun and free play. My name is... Registration for extra-mural starts. Collect forms from the office
8 Jan Jumping castle and Farmyard sports. Ice Cream.
11 Jan Orientation week – making friends at FY! Free promotional lessons for Extra-mural activities from 11-15 January. *Little lab coats *Monkeynastix
Jumping castle fun. Ice cream and cones. Hand in Extra-Mural registration forms this week
12 Jan Jumping castle fun. Tenpin bowling. *Ballet *Pottery
13 Jan Jumping castle fun. This is me…the beginning of my portfolio at FY! My symbol…. *Dance Mouse
14 Jan *Babynastix *Soccercise Starz Jumping castle fun.
18 Jan Theme: I am special, and God made me unique. DEADLINE FOR EXTRA-MURAL REGISTRATIONS FOR FEBRUARY
20 Jan Farmyard newsletter and invoices available every month between 20th and 24th.
25 Jan Theme: The wonder of my 5 super senses
1 Feb Theme: Water is life!
3 Feb Farmyard Music programme every Wednesday from Feb-Nov Fun with music!
4 Feb Farmyard Move to Learn programme every Thursday from Feb-Nov Gladiators!
8 Feb Theme: Cleanliness and hygiene
10 Feb Educational visitors at Farmyard – What Walrus – Hygiene and my super senses 8:30
12 Feb Photo day sample available
15 Feb Theme: My space – my home!
22 Feb Theme: My precious family
1 Mar Theme: Different pets and how to care for them
10 Mar Photo day 1
11 Mar Photo day 2
26 Mar Progress reports and portfolios ready
29 Mar-9 Apr HOLIDAY PROGRAMME No Extra-Mural activities
9 Apr Photo delivery at Farmyard
12 Apr Theme: Let’s make healthy choices Return portfolios and workbooks
19 Apr Theme: All about reptiles
28 Apr Theme: The wonder of autumn and winter
3 May Theme: All about insects
10 May Theme: Fire safety and safety drill
17 May Theme: Understanding my emotions (EQ)
24 May Theme: Nature conservation and trees
31 May Theme: Ubuntu – compassion and humanity
2 Jun Educational visitors at Farmyard – What Walrus – Winter and insects 8:30
22-24 Jun Eye screening week Dr Johan Haasbroek
25 Jun Progress reports and portfolios ready Return portfolios and workbooks
28 Jun – 9 Jul Holiday programme
12 Jul Theme: Winter – brrrrr!
19 Jul Theme: Why do I feel sick? Going to the doctor.
21 Jul Educational visitors at Farmyard – What Walrus – Must dinosaurs also go to the doctor? 8:30
26 Jul Theme: Community workers – Police, medical, teachers, social workers….
2 Aug Theme: My Rights
10 Aug Theme: Modern transport
16 Aug Theme: All about marine life
23 Aug Theme: The reason for seasons – P, Y Birds – B, G, O
30 Aug Theme: Our solar system
1 Sept Educational visitors at Farmyard – What Walrus – Moll wants to see the stars!
8 Sept Graduation photoshoot Gr RR
10 Sept Spring day fun at FY - Bring a seedling (small flowering plant) or succulent plant (vetplantjie) Farmyard will supply the picnic goodies and jumping castle.
23 Sept Progress Reports and portfolios ready for parents
27 Sept – 1 Oct HOLIDAY PROGRAMME No extra-mural activities
4 Oct Theme: All about pollution and recycling Return portfolios and workbooks
11 Oct Theme: All about farm animals
18 Oct Theme: All about wild animals
25 Oct Theme: What to expect when I go to a big school – P
Theme: Healthy teeth Y, B, G, O
27 Oct Concert and Graduation day – seniors 8:30 AFM, Libertas st, Noordheuwel
1 Nov Theme: My social skills – I am a good friend to have!
23 Nov Ballet year-end open morning for Parents 8:00
25 Nov The real story of Christmas
26 Nov Progress Reports and portfolios out
Christmas tree for FY learners